Do you put your children first?

This challenge will help you put YOU first.

Challenge kicks off on Sunday, February 19th!

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What should you expect during the challenge?‚Äč

Daily Affirmations

An affirmation is a positive statement that you can use to help banish negative thoughts and achieve your goals. Research shows that by reciting it regularly, you start believing it and put the words into action.

Daily Announcement 

You will hear messages that will give you tips and strategies on the daily topic.

Daily Action Step

Inspired by the idea that 1000-mile journey begins with one step. Our daily action step will ask you to think about the first step you will take to begun to practice self-care.

Daily Live Interaction

Join us live each day starting Sunday, February 19th at our kick-off at 7pm Cst/8pm Est to discuss daily topic.

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